Tuesday, February 20, 2024

PF: When do the ranking lists for Postdoctoral Fellowships calls close definitively?

The first batch of reserve list proposals can be promoted to the main list at the earliest two months after the official launch of the GAP, but sometimes after several months (depending on the outcome of the redress procedure).

Proposals in the reserve list can be promoted to the main list until the end of the year following the call deadline (for the 2023 call – until 31 December 2024).

SE: How can non-governmental organisations and Cooperatives or Associations participate in a Staff Exchanges proposals if their staff is not under an employment contract?

Non-governmental organisations fall under the category of non-academic entities. Very often in entities of this nature there are different labour links between the staff and the entity. As applicants may find on the published SE call 2023 Guide for Applicants, page 7, the type of relationship (employment contract, fellowship or other) between the staff member and the sending organisation must comply with the applicable national law and internal practices (e.g. PhD candidate is sufficient to be considered staff member at the organisation where they are registered). In addition, the staff of the concerned NGOs must be under the direction and instructions of the sending organisation for the duration of the secondment.

In conclusion, the type of relationship between the seconded staff member and the sending organisation (i.e. employment contract, fellowship or other) is NOT relevant as long as:

− it complies with national law,

− it complies with internal practices, and

− during the secondment it confers legal authority on the sending beneficiary (or associated partner) that enables them to ensure the compliance with the Grant Agreement obligations.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

PF: When are the Seal of Excellence certificates usually available on the portal?

For the 2023 call, the Seal of Excellence will be available on the Funding & Tenders portal from mid-April.

PF: How can an institution hosting a secondment in the frame of a Postdoctoral Fellowship charge administrative fees?

Administrative costs are covered by the Management costs category. If agreed by the beneficiary and the associated partner, the beneficiary may transfer a part of the management costs to the associated partner hosting the secondment, and the latter may use it to cover their administrative costs.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

COFUND: How should in-kind contributions be included in Table 1.1a?

In-kind contributions should be mentioned in the narrative text, but also monetised (i.e. the monetary value of the in-kind contribution should be calculated) and included in the Table 1.1a. For example, if applicants plan to have a financial manager as an in-kind contribution, they should include them in the narrative part and they have to include at least part of the monetised costs under the Management Costs category.